How to Make Money Using the Internet

download (1)Many companies are turning to affiliate marketing as a way to promote their products, and lots of people are using this as a mean to make an extra income.

So what is affiliate marketing? It is a cheap way to market the products, since the companies only pay commission once the product is sold. In addition if you ever thought on how to make money using the internet, then you should research more in depth the affiliate marketing opportunity. It is actually also a very cheap and easy way to earn some extra income or a full time income. But it is not an overnight get rich scheme. So still you will need to put in some work and lots of time to learn it. Here are some tips you would be wise to follow in order to succeed:

1. If you are new to internet marketing, you will need to read and study lots. This will imply spending lots of time reading and trying things. You will need to commit yourself to succeed. Set yourself some goal and be prepared to overcome the obstacles that will be presented/

2. You will need the discipline

5 Web Hosting Consumer Tips

download (2)Choosing the right kind of Web hosting service depends on the features that a business requires to run their website. Normally, this entails looking at the objectives of the website before making a choice. Here are some vital tips to consider when getting a web hosting service for your business.

1. Amount of storage

An unlimited storage offer may not be a vital requirement for most. However, for businesses anticipating to have a large number of users signing up, businesses should be cautious to note how much data they can store. When considering storage options, it is important to discuss with the web hosting company to know if there is a caveat to the offer-so that a dedicated server can be opted for.

2. Bandwidth Provided

Bandwidth refers to the cumulative amount of data that a web hosting company will allow users to upload and download in a particular period. If the data you have on the website is 1MB for instance and your bandwidth limit is 10 MB, then it means that only ten users will be able to browse your entire website page by page. This implies that owners of high traffic sites would

Web Hosting Tips For Your New Websites

optimal-web-hostingAfter designing the first pages of your website, it  is time to make them accessible to the world by  hosting them on a web server so that everyone can  access it by entering an address in the browser. A  web server is a computer performance, mostly devoid  of screen to save space, and devoted to its main  task, that is web hosting. It uses a host of  business in the vast majority of situations as host  its site on its own computer requires a good knowledge of server administration, a very good internet connection for fear of being saturated by the number of visits and good security to protect its data. Here are some web hosting tips that will guide you through the entire process.

Hiring a professional web host allows you a good availability of the site (usually the host server is monitored to prevent breakdowns 24/24 and powered by a generator), a high speed connection, and better security against potential attacks. In addition, it allows the use of advanced languages such as PHP, ASP, Perl, Python or databases (MySQL…) and takes

Ten Online Safety Tips For Families

Knowing how to use social media and the Internet in general is an important part of being a good parent. Most teenagers and a growing number of younger children are using and interacting with social media. With the growing number of ways to communicate online, the increasing number of internet enabled devices and a more technically savvy populous, parents need to be ever vigilant in the online activities of their children. To help you, I bring you ten online safety tips to help you educate yourself in proper Internet safety practices.

Tip 1: Never click links given to you by people you do not trust.

Drive by downloads are a huge issue for a lot of the less savvy internet users. By clicking on links that you receive in email from unknown people you are at risk of infecting your computer with a virus if you allow the download to take place.

Tip 2: Always require your children to add you as a friend on their social networking accounts.

With most of the current social media outlets adding someone to your friends list also allows them to see your friends. Keep an eye out on how many people your child is adding and what

5 Internet Tips Every Direct Sales Consultant Should Implement

If you’re starting a new direct sales business and feeling overwhelmed with web 2.0, you’re not alone. You’re already busy setting up your business and now you’ve got to think about having an online presence too. Where do you start, right? I can relate because I was trying to implement everything at once and felt so burnt out. To be successful, you don’t need to do everything i.e. pay per click, article marketing, video marketing, social media, and so forth. You can always add on. Keep it simple and implement a few things.

Keep your focus on mastering a few things like setting up a blog or web site. It’s better to be an expert on a few topics rather than being a generalist and doing everything with mediocrity.

Here are 5 tips to have an online presence:

Set up a Blog

There’s a ton of online resources on blogging. Whether to choose WordPress or Blogger, why blogs increase more traffic then a static web site, and so much more. You will find more info than I could offer in this short post. However, here are three tips: narrow your topic to a few “niche” ones or on topics that you have a lot

Internet Tips

How to Disable and Enable Cookies

If you want to enable and disable the cookies then perform the following actions.

In the Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Click Custom Level.
Go to the Cookies section.
To enable: Set “Allow cookie that are stored on your computer” to “Enable” Set “Allow per-session cookies” to “Enable”
To disable: Set “Allow cookie that are stored on your computer” to “Disable” Set “Allow per-session cookies” to “Disable”
How to speed up the loading of HTML pages with images
If you want to increase the image’s loading time then just add the height and width tags in the image tag. e.g. . This can increase the images web pages loading time significantly.

How to find out the location of the website?

If you want to know that where the website is physically located, what’s the associated IP address of the website and what’s the registration information of the website use the following URL. and put your web address in it.

It will display all the required information regarding the website.

Tips to avoid Internet Fraud

Some of the known internet scams are jobs scams, charity scams, Nigerian money offers, work-at-home scams, scholarship scams, bogus credit

Monitor Children on the Internet Tips

First, use some common sense to monitor your children on the Internet the easy way. For instance, simply place the computer in a public area perhaps the kitchen where you can monitor them. Some children will complain loudly but these are your rules. They live under your house, right? You’re the boss. Enforce the rules and be firm yet let your children understand that you love them too. To help you with this process create an Internet contract that establishes your house rules. This will clearly outline what are your responsibilities and what are their responsibilities for their Internet usage. You can also state that they should contact you if they encounter any inappropriate material or people which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Secondly, a good program will help you monitor your children on the Internet. There are several and some are free yet I’m always a believer in paying for good software. If you can afford Internet access for your children then you can afford good monitoring software. The cost is generally around $30 or $40 per year which works out to 10 cents or less a day. Really, there is no excuse to not purchase one. Whichever you choose, the

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Acquiring and choosing a domain name for your website is very important and key for any individual or organization. First you have to ask yourself a few questions:

– Does your chosen domain name fit the market your in?

– Is it a brandable name?

– Does it consist of your websites targeted keywords?

The above questions are what you can consider the 3 laws or factors for a great domain name.

Now those are just a few questions that you need to ask yourself in order to choose a good domain name. You have to remember that it is preferable that your domain name is easy to pronounce, holds context to what your site is about ( unless you want to brand a certain word or phrase ), not too long, easy to remember and if your in a certain market or niche that it consists of those keywords you wish to target and monetize.

Does your chosen domain name fit the market your in?

What I mean by that is that nowadays everything on the internet is moving towards relevancy, especially when it comes to search engines and Google in particular making sure their search results are a relevant as can be… So thats why

Importance of Domain Names

Choosing a good domain name for your blog or website is vital. Why? Because the domain name is one of the factors that most influences your brand. Secondly, the domain also has some impact on your search engine optimization (i.e., if it contains your main keywords) and on your direct traffic (i.e., if your domain is hard to spell few people will remember it).

One common mistake people make when choosing a domain is to only consider the short term. That is, they figure what their website will look like for the next three or four months, and they buy a domain name around that idea.

Let’s suppose that a guy loves the Corvette cars, and he decides to start a blog on that topic. After researching for a while he purchases the domain It is a good domain, because it is short, descriptive, it has the main keywords in it and so on.

The blog grows healthily, but after one year it reaches a plateau. The guy realizes that in order to make the blog grow further he would need to start covering other sport cars, and not only the Corvette. Guess what… too late! He is already trapped with his

10 Domain Name Tips That Can Make You Money Online

When it comes to selecting the right sort of domain name for your business there are certain things which one needs to take into consideration first. If you are looking to be able to make money online with your domain name then you need something that will clearly distinguish you from your competitors. In this article we offer 10 domain name tips that can make you money online as you will have been able to select the one that is right for you.

Tip 1 – Along with choosing a keyword rich domain name it also has to be one that clearly reflects the service or product you are selling. For example if you are going to be offering detailed maps of Europe then a name such a should be used. Or if for example you are selling unusual cheeses then a name like is ideal.

Tip 2 – If you can by domain names that are either existing or which have expired. When it comes to getting ranked high in Google the older the domain the much higher they generally get ranked. When looking for a domain name select ones that are at least a year old. In order

Selling Domain Name Tips

If you have a domain name and you plan to have it sold, there are two ways that you may be able to do it. You can either go through a broker who will sell your domain name for you or you can do it by yourself. Each one provides its own advantages and disadvantages. If you wish to go through a broker, you might have been afforded with the convenience of knowing that someone is doing the work for you. But if you wish to earn a big chunk of the profits from a domain name sale, you may want to do the selling by yourself. If you plan to do it by yourself, there are three ways that you can go on about selling your domain name.

One way would be doing nothing at all. This may sound funny but it is possible that your domain name can be sold without you even doing any effort in trying to sell it. But this method will only do if you have a very attractive domain name that many people would be interested in. If you have such a jewel of a domain name in your possession, then you are in

4 Domain Name Tips To Consider

Two things that you will definitely need if you want to be recognized as “the expert” in the niche that you are in over time are – Domain name and web hosting.

A domain name is one where people enter into their web browsers to visit your website (it can either,.net,.biz,.org, etc.) and web hosting is one where you store your website’s files in (so that your entire website can be displayed on your visitors’ computer when they visit it).

Choosing the right one can, at times, be a very difficult task – Especially when most of the time the names you wish to purchase are already taken.

What I am going to share with you in this post are 4 tips that you can consider to help you brainstorm suitable domain names for your website.

1. Relevance

Make sure that the domain name that you are going to choose is related to the topic of your website – It should be such that, by simply looking at it, your visitors will be able to tell what contents will they be able to discover in your website.

2. Domain,.net,.org etc. – Which Is Better?

Personally, I would go for those that end with, with

How To Find Reliable Web Hosting

Reliable web hosting means the provider should have an up time guarantee of over 99.9%. Bottom line-what good is having a website if people can’t find it when they want to? A reliable web hosting company will not have its servers breaking down every time you turn around.

Reliable web hosting means the company will not take your site offline (even for a few minutes) before giving you fair warning. For example, with many cheap shared web hosting providers, the company will take your site offline without warning if you use a certain percentage of CPU power on the shared server. This actually happened to me with what I thought was a reliable web hosting provider. One day my traffic spiked (a good thing), but my shared web hosting company kept taking my site down every twenty minutes or so for 5 minutes at a clip. Can you imagine all the traffic and potential customers I missed? Ouch! Part of the problem was that I really didn’t know how to choose a reliable web host. Therefore, before settling in on one reliable web hosting provider, we recommend that you carefully read the Terms of Service (TOS) on its site. If they

Tips In Choosing The Right Host

If you are really serious in earning money online then having your own website is a must! For those who started out blogging, just like me, they know how addicting and how fast your online experience can be. And if you have been doing your homework, you’ll know how massive the earning potential is online. Soon you will no longer be contented with a blog, you will realize how it can be limiting in terms of your earning potential. That is when owning a website comes in and just as important is choosing the right host. A poor web host can very much affect the potential of your website. To help you in choosing the right host, look out for these characteristics.

Versatility – Your web host should be compatible with windows, linux and mac, if they’re not then that means they have a poor system. Go ahead and choose another host.

Reliability and Support – Uptime is of utmost importance! No matter how great the features are if they’re always down then its useless. Ask around in forums for a feedback on your chosen host. If the web host themselves have their own forum then that is great, that means they

Cheap Web Hosting Tips

Who would want to pay a premium for things many people get at throwaway prices? Surely not you, isn’t it so? If you agree, I hope every sane person would, you will certainly choose a cheap web hosting plan over a more expensive web hosting plan. However, you need to put on your thinking caps to ensure that your selection adds value to your web site rather than limping it. Don’t worry because after reading this article you will be much better positioned to make a wise decision.

Don’t be fooled by scams which try to sell you cheap web hosting plans. You have to look very closely at what is provided by the plan and that means looking at more than just the subscription costs. Purely looking at cost means you will miss understanding more important elements provided by the web hosting plan.

It all starts with creating a preliminary list of service providers offering cheap web hosting plans. Simply conduct an online search and list the providers down. Next, check which service providers sound trustworthy at first glance. At this stage, all you are doing is relying on your gut feeling to select a pool of candidates. These candidates would

Web Hosting Tips For Internet Marketers

Starting an Internet business sounds easy on paper, but in practice, it’s a totally different story. If you are just starting out, be prepared to put in some effort because there is work involved. Don’t believe all the marketing hype that you see on the Internet. Every marketer is saying that they have a system that will help you make money on autopilot. Sure, it’s easy for them because they have the networks and resources. But if you are a beginner, you probably don’t have access to those same resources. So be prepared to work.

For an Internet business to be successful, you have to put all the different components together. For example, you have to have a website, a list of prospects to sell to, products or services that you can sell, and of course, website traffic. On the Internet, you will not get to experience anything if you don’t have web traffic. Traffic is about genuinely interested visitors visiting your website. In other words, it’s about having targeted visitors.

You don’t just want visitors. Someone who is not interested in what you want them to do is just hogging up resources. They have no business to be at your site.

Six Helpful Web Hosting Tips

Web hosting is a necessary service for people that want to have a website. It can be difficult trying to decide which one to choose since there are so many out there. The six tips in the article below should help you find a reliable host that will give you the service you deserve.

You should always search for reviews and recommendations for any company you are considering. If you cannot find any, that should be an indicator that the company you are considering is not the best. Why wouldn’t people rush to review it if it if it is as great as they claim it is? Do not be fooled by just a few good reviews. Be thorough, and select a company that has many more good reviews than bad ones.

Always check out the customer service department before you sign any contracts. These are the people that will be dealing with any issues you have, so it is a good idea to find someone that has a decent customer service department. Do a test call and see how your concerns are addressed and handled. If there are any issues, that should give you an idea of what it will be

5 Mistakes You Should not Make When Choosing a Web Host

Before you choose a web hosting provider for a successful online presence, you must avoid five mistakes that many people make nowadays. They make these mistakes either consciously or unconsciously, and it has led to bad experiences for them. No matter the type of website you want to float or the type of hosting service you desire, if you make any of these mistakes, you would be better off without a web presence.

1. Don’t be in a haste to pick a provider: Never be in a haste to choose a provider among short-listed ones. You need to carry out an elaborate research into their past activities so that you will be able to identify the one that can actually give you the best service. It is indeed important to take your time because changing from one host to another is not so easy. In fact, some web hosts will deliberately delay your movement to another host because they don’t want to lose customers.

2. Don’t forget to carry out a BBB check: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organisation that rates companies based on customers’ complaints and the rapidity at which these complaints are resolved. Hence, never forget to conduct

How to Host a Website With a Big Database

Hosting a website with an expectation of an ample database can be really challenging because of bandwidth requirements. But, if you are smart enough to discover webmasters’ tricks, you won’t run into any problem with your web hosting service provider.

Starting out a website with a database script is easy in the beginning and you can start off with a shared hosting package. But as your traffic increases, your website uses more server resources and since it is on a shared platform, it may occasionally experience down times that may adversely affect your business. Even, if your website is hosted on a Linux server that optimizes multiple databases for better server performance, there is no guarantee that it won’t be affected by down times as the number of visitors increases.

Website down time is not a plus for any website because visitors would lose interest in revisiting such a site. They would believe that the site is not always available, hence, they wouldn’t want to waste their time revisiting it. In fact, they might even spread the word around that your website is not reliable and this can lead to a great loss for your business.

The only way out is to engage

5 Web Hosting Tips for Small Business Owners

Every small business owner should be twenty-first- century compliant. You must conform to either new business ideas or you are left behind. If you are yet to have a website that will position your business for new ground breaking, you must grasp these five web hosting tips quickly and take necessary action.

1. Carry out an online research about your business: Before launching your business on the internet, it is important to conduct an in-depth research to discover who your competitors will be and how you will compete favourably. There is big money online and simultaneously big competition, only those with adequate information and zeal will succeed. However, do not be afraid of competition, with hardwork and dedication, you will get your share of the market.

2. Learn about hosting types: You must know the major hosting types so that you will be able to distinguish the one best suited for you. The most common ones are shared, VPS and dedicated. Shared hosting is the cheapest but with certain limitations. VPS is more expensive with more applications while dedicated is the most expensive and most sophisticated.

3. Investigate features: After identifying the right type of hosting, you will need to investigate
features that are available from providers. These are grouped into plans with unique characteristics depending on prices. What you should look out for are disk space, bandwidths,